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Hesai PandarXT


The 32-Channel Mid-Range (120m) Mechanical LiDAR

High precision. Minimum range of zero. Proprietary LiDAR ASICs. 32-Channel Mid-Range Mechanical LiDAR. 16-channel version also available.

HESAI pandarXT13

Application Scenarios

HESAI pandarXT19

Higher Resolution, Further Range
Double the resolution and number of lasers compared with typical mid-range LiDARs (16 channels). Range detection up to 120 m, POD>90% when detecting 10% reflectivity targets at 80 m.

HESAI pandarXT16

Dedicated Chips, Optimized Performance
PandarXT is based on Hesai‘s proprietary LiDAR ASICs(Application Specific Integrated Circuits), pushing the limits of sensor capabilities.

HESAI pandarXT15

Minimum Range of Zero
Objects can be effectively detected even if directly touching the sensor’s enclosure; blind range of zero. 
PandarXT continuously outputs point cloud with valid detections even when the object directly touches the LiDAR. 
Point cloud begins to disappear when the object approaches the LiDAR at 0.5 m.

HESAI pandarXT18

High precision
The thickness of a wall at 6 m scanned by PandarXT is approximately half of the generic LiDAR's. Peak-to-peak thickness is 2.5 cm; the corresponding precision (1σ) is ~0.5 cm.

HESAI pandarXT17

High-Quality Reflectivity Information
PandarXT offers more accurate reflectivity information.
*Objects from left to right (reflectivity, %) : tire (5%), retroreflective traffic sign (black car 20%), black and white checkerboard (90% and 10% respectively), reflectivity test board (100%, 50% and 1.7%).

HESAI pandarXT10a
HESAI pandarXT10b

Other Features

New LiDAR Software System Architecture
Employs redundant architecture design and independent configuration of multiple systems.
Ensures LiDAR’s safe and reliable operation.
Effectively reduces the probability of failure and maintenance costs.
Interference Rejection
Hesai’s unique, proprietary interference rejection technology.
Every pulse has its own ‘fingerprint’, rejecting noise from other LiDARs.
GPS/PTP Time Sync Available
PTP Clock Accuracy ≤1 μs, PTP Clock Drift ≤1 μs/s; PTP simplifies vehicle cabling.

PandarXT has passed dozens of reliability tests. Designed lifetime is over 30,000 hours (typical).